How To Tell When You Need To Get New Car Tires

how to tell when you need to get new car tires

The tires are one thing on our car that we don’t really ever pay attention to, until there’s a problem. Even if the tires appear normal, there may be some problems ready to appear. Switching to new tires can increase your gas mileage, boost performance (specifically in emergency situations), increase reliability, and reduce the chance of damage from a flat tire. If you have concerns about switching tires too quickly, we can help you judge the pros and cons of not switching tires in time.

What Is The Benefit of Replacing Your Vehicle’s Tires?

The decreased safety of your car, truck, or SUV is the biggest potential risk of not replacing your tires. Old tires can lengthen braking intervals and diminish traction in emergency situations. The next time a vehicle cuts you off it may take even longer to brake and be harder to dodge. Even if you do not come across an emergency situation, the inconvenience of needing to change a flat is an event a lot of folks would prefer to avoid. As an alternative, the advantage of replacing worn tires is that it will take less time to brake in emergency circumstances and you will have improved maneuverability to miss such situations. Another positive, you’ll never have to get dirty replacing a worn tire on the road.

Replacing Tires: How to Tell When it’s Time

It is critical to realize when you should replace your car’s tires. We suggest 2 simple systems to know when it is time to replace your tires. The first method is figuring out the age of your tires. If the tires are more than 6 years old then you should change them. The second method in deciding if you need to replace your tires is measuring the tread depth. The acknowledged smallest safe tread depth is 2/32 inches. You ought to change your tires if it has gotten to that measurement.

tire tread depth: how to measure it

Tire Tread Depth: How to Gauge It

But how do I find out what the tread depth is? There are specially designed gauges that will figure out just how much tread depth there is. Those gauges are necessary if you need to know the specific depth, but if you just want to figure out if you ought to change your tires, all that is required is a single penny. Orientate the penny so Lincoln’s head is facing down and put it into the tire tread. If his head is equal to the tread then you need to start thinking about replacing.

how many years can i keep my tires?

Do Tires Become Unsafe After Time?

If your tires are 6 years old (or older), then you should replace them, even if they appear to have lots of tread left. Extended exposure to the elements and other outside factors may cause the tire to break down over time. Blow outs and/or leaks will be more prone to develop when the tire begins to decay. The warning signs of the tires disintegrating might be faded color, brittleness, and tire cracks. If you notice any of these examples you ought to change your tires immediately.

a tire blew out, now what should i do?

What Are The Options After a Blowout?

If you have a blowout you may be inclined to only switch out the tire that broke down. Depending on your vehicle and the tread depth left on the other tires it may be suggested that you switch out 2 or maybe even all four tires. If the tread depth between your tires are not the same it can cause uneven tire wear and excess wear and tear on the drivetrain. It is suggested that when you are replacing a tire that you replace the counterpart on the other side of the car. Switch out both back tires or front tires, never 1 tire alone. The exception to this rule is AWD cars, trucks, or SUVs. All four tires must be changed out to assure that the system works properly.

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