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How frequently do I need to rotate my car tires? Tire rotation is a principal element of increasing the lifespan of the vehicle. The tire rotation process is a repositioning of your vehicle’s tires to maintain their tread. Based on whether the vehicle is RWD, AWD, or FWD, the tire tread will wear down at different rates. Rotating the tires helps spread the wear on all four tires evenly and lengthens their usage. It could be harder to maintain traction if you put off getting your tires rotated, especially in certain weather. There are also different tire rotation approaches to use depending on the situation they’re in or what’s recommended by your vehicle’s maker based on the drivetrain you have. It’s better to rotate your tires when the brand recommends it, but if you’re uncertain about your tires be sure to contact our service professionals to schedule a service appointment.

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What Happens If I Wait Too Long to Rotate My Car Tires?

By evenly distributing the wear on your tread, rotating your tires can increase the lifespan of your vehicle’s tires. Steadily worn tires are essential to the vehicle’s use. The weather where you’re located is one of the major reasons you should be aware of the tread on your tires. Slick environments could make your car harder to drive if your tires have worn tread. It’s also beneficial to rotate them because it can prolong the lifetime of your tires and help save you money.

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There are many different approaches to perform tire rotations. The Forward Cross pattern, where the front tires are moved directly backward and the rear tires are repositioned forward diagonally. The Rearward Cross rotation is when the rear tires are moved directly forward and the front tires are moved to opposite sides in the rear. Finally, the X-Pattern maneuver is where all tires are moved from front to back and vice versa and swapped from one side of the vehicle to another. You should use the rotation pattern recommended for your specific vehicle or talk to our service technicians about which maneuver is better.

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After How Many Miles Should I Replace My Vehicle Tires?

One more important fact to know about your car’s tires is when they should be replaced rather than rotated. It’s better to have your tires replaced after five years of use, but if you’re worried about when to change them, be sure to contact our service professionals for an inspection. Even if your tires are less than 5 years old, other factors such as potholes, low air pressure, and weather can deteriorate your tires and make an earlier replacement necessary. Also when changing tires for certain drivetrains, it’s better to purchase at least two tires so each axle is balanced and not unbalanced. In cars with all-wheel drive, it is usually recommended that all 4 tires are replaced at the same time.

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