How is EPA Gas Efficiency Determined In Cars & Trucks?

how is epa gas efficiency determined in cars & trucks?

What is EPA Gas Economy?

Wondering what EPA gas economy is?

While the luxury, speed, and horsepower of a new car are very important to nearly all prospective buyers, the vehicle’s fuel economy is key for its lifetime. While the miles per gallon are given by the EPA, there is a list of elements to determine the official gas mileage and they vary. Beginning with the weight of the vehicle and how much horsepower it has. Even if the vehicle is on the heavier side, the engine technology could still lower the amount of fuel being used in specific situations. MPG ratings usually are higher in smaller vehicles because of their weight in total and aerodynamics. In most cases, these smaller cars, trucks, and SUVs do not take as much gas to keep them running smoothly. Another consideration is vehicle maintenance, making sure the tires have the correct pressure. All in all, fuel efficiency is very important for any vehicle and it takes a lot of effort to make an efficient vehicle.

 What is Gas Efficiency?

Gas Efficiency Explained

Miles per gallon is the most consistent way to calculate how far any vehicle is able to travel on a tank of fuel. ​The size of the vehicle, drivetrain (4WD or 2WD), and engine technology all play a huge part in calculating the miles per gallon of the vehicle. The statistics favor smaller sedans with hybrid capabilities and a curb weight that is light enough that just barely tip the scales. While the MPG can get worse over time, frequent drives and scheduled maintenance are the easiest ways to keep your fuel economy high.

 Gas Mileage & Drive Modes

How Do Driving Modes Affect Gas Economy

These days many cars have cylinder deactivation and drive modes to save gas. A sporty driving mode will give you a performance-based experience while “Eco” mode prioritizes MPGs. Between driving modes and cylinder deactivation, vehicles are more fuel-efficient than ever before.

Gas Economy in City vs Highway

Highway vs City Mileage

Looking at MPGs, there are two statistics that define the gas mileage, city and highway miles per gallon. Rear world driving conditions are much different compared to the environment in testing facilities and the overall numbers show it. Measuring the two separate gas mileage ratings shows how your driving habits can affect a vehicle’s MPGs. How you drive will affect the gas mileage, ​so noting the two different ratings gives a true expectation for your vehicle’s fuel economy. When you consider all the stop and go of city driving compared to the constant movement of highway driving, clearly, highway driving should get higher MPGs.

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